Greg Sherman New Avs GM


-Alaina Scarano-Isbouts

Hi hockey fans.  My most sincere apologies for my absence – it’s been a very busy time!  Did anyone see the latest Avs headlines this morning?  While Tony Granato I’m sure had assumed his job wasn’t safe, I don’t know if anyone saw this move coming.

This morning, the Avalanche issued the press release that all members of the Avs coaching staff had been fired.  Head coach Tony Granato, assistant  coaches Jacques Cloutier and Dave Barr, goaltending coach Jeff Hackett, Assistant [to the] GM Michel Goulet, and even video coordinator P.J. DeLuca all lost their jobs this morning.

Restructuring?  You bet your ass.  Since the end of the season the Avs have terminated GM Francois Giguere and the above six members of coaching staff, may or may not (depending on which website you read) offered Patrick Roy a coaching position which he turned down, offered Roy the general manager position which he also turned down, and still haven’t heard a peep from Joe Sakic about returning for another season.  We are going to need an entirely new word for what the Avs are doing — which is throwing out everything old and starting new.  Makes a person wonder if they will even want Sakic back for another season, after his injury-plagued season during 08-09.

The Avalanche management staff, which as of this moment includes only President Pierre Lacroix; VP of Hockey Operations Craig  Billington (widely expected to be the new GM); Assistant GM Greg Sherman and Director of Player Personnel Brad Smith, will be holding a press conference this afternoon to discuss exactly what the hell it is they are going to be doing with the open management positions.

Now this is normally the part of the article where I would draw some sort of conclusion about what the hell the Avs are going to do.  But to be honest, I have no clue.  There are a lot of positions to fill, with some members of the staff having been on for over a decade (Cloutier has been with the Avs for 12 years, Goulet for 13).

I will be back tonight after the announement to discuss!  Until then… let’s hear what you guys think the Avs have planned!

UPDATE:  Greg Sherman has been named the new General Manager of the Avalanche.  Sherman, 39, has been with the franchise for 13 years and Assistant GM for the last seven.


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  1. This really hit me outta no where… i like it.

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