There is a New “LAW” in Denver!

ty-Jeremy Kloberdanz
Just when I thought I wouldn’t be able to put the devastating end to the Nuggets season behind me, when I thought I would cry myself to sleep until the end of October when the NBA starts back up, when I thought I would vomit if I heard anything more about Kobe and the Lakers… A night like tonight rejuvenates my spirits!

It was rumored right after the Minnesota Timberwolves selected Ty Lawson (their third point guard selected in the first 18 picks) that the Nuggets were proposing a trade to land Lawson here in the Mile High City. After some time, and half of my fingernails gnawed off, the Deputy Commissioner finally announced that the trade was finalized.

The Nuggets only had to give up a future first round pick for the most proven point guard in the draft. Lawson will fit in wonderfully in the Denver offense as he is an intelligent, pass first point guard. He is arguably the fastest guard with the ball in the draft and will help spark the explosive Nuggets offense.

Chauncey Billups now has a protege in Denver to take under his wing and drop knowledge on. Billups, being in the later years of his career, has the chance to continue his legacy by molding the future floor general of the Nuggets. Lawson is very coachable and should be our #2 PG in the depth charts and has the chance to play a lot of quality minutes.

Now the Nuggets front office needs to re-sign Chris “Birdman” Andersen (to solidify our big man rotation) and figure out what to do with Anthony Carter and Jason Hart. Also, Nene and Johan Petro need to continue to get stronger and develop as centers. Our bench players need to keep improving as they have over the past few years. If J.R. Smith can keep maturing and Linas Kleiza can keep from hitting another scoring rut, the Nuggets will be even more dangerous than last year.

After all of the dust settled from all of the trades and draft picks, the Kloberdanz camp proudly predicts an even stronger season next year. Move over Lakers, there WILL be a new champ not only in the West, but also in the NBA: the DENVER NUGGETS!


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  1. ricky

    good work kid

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