Canada stole the Gold… Well, not quite.

-Derek Belohrad

On Monday James Merilatt from Mile High Sports used the daily email newsletter to whine about Team USA’s loss to Canada for the Gold medal in Men’s Hockey.  He asked if his opinion would earn him the label of “ugly American”.

James, you’re good there.

However, his nonsensical whiny opinion should earn him title of “silly American”.

By ignoring any logical thought Merilatt blames the US loss on the fact overtime play is 4 on 4.  He claims 5 on 5 the USA was the best team and because of the unfair overtime rule the gold medal was effectively stolen from the USA.  He even takes the time to do a head-to-head comparison of the two teams.  The problem is his argument falls apart before you can even get to the numbers.

The USA and every other team who participated in the Olympics knew the rules before they started.  If the OT rules were so unfair they should have addressed it long before the conclusion of the final game.  This is akin to playing rock-paper-scissors with someone, choosing rock when they choose paper, losing and then crying foul because there is no way paper can hold up to a rock.  I think anyone will agree that if you hold a piece of paper in front of your face and let someone throw at you, you will lose.  True as that may be when you decided to play the game you agreed paper was superior to a rock.  This point alone renders Merilatt’s argument moot, but I am going to take it a step further and pose this question:

If the USA was so much stronger at 5 on 5 play why couldn’t they win in the 60 minutes of 5 on 5 play they got before the ten odd minutes of 4 on 4 play?

The superior 5 on 5 team had nearly six times the amount of time to win and they did not.  In fact, the US never lead at any point in the 60 minutes of 5 on 5 play leading to overtime.  Sorry James, but that does not make the US sound like a better 5 on 5 team.

If assaulting the read with this ridiculous argument wasn’t enough Merilatt precedes to compare this “injustice” to the 1972 basketball debacle and calls for the US to reject their Silver medals.  Really?  In 1972 there was a real issue.  This is just you whining because the US didn’t beat Canada.  Every single American player should be proud of their huge accomplishment and graciously accept their Silver medals.

One of the greatest things about sports is no matter what happened in the past on any given day two teams will face each other and at the end of the day one will walk away victorious and one will walk away disappointed.  Sometimes it is the better team and sometimes it is the team who had no explainable reason to win.  That is one of the fundamental reasons sports are so great.


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