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Canada stole the Gold… Well, not quite.

-Derek Belohrad

On Monday James Merilatt from Mile High Sports used the daily email newsletter to whine about Team USA’s loss to Canada for the Gold medal in Men’s Hockey.  He asked if his opinion would earn him the label of “ugly American”.

James, you’re good there.

However, his nonsensical whiny opinion should earn him title of “silly American”.

By ignoring any logical thought Merilatt blames the US loss on the fact overtime play is 4 on 4.  He claims 5 on 5 the USA was the best team and because of the unfair overtime rule the gold medal was effectively stolen from the USA.  He even takes the time to do a head-to-head comparison of the two teams.  The problem is his argument falls apart before you can even get to the numbers. Continue reading


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Weekend in review

I am going to try my best to put together a blog every Sunday night/Monday morning to recap the weekend’s events.  Since I’ve given up drinking for lent, and I can actually remember what happened over the weekend, this might be worth while.

…First off, I am LOVING the World Baseball Classic (WBC)!  This is the only time (once every 4 years) that I can root for the likes of Dustin Pedroia, Kevin Youkilis, Derek Jeter, Jimmy Rollins, and Jonathan Broxton!  The US team beat Canada 6-5 on Saturday, and then took Venezuela to the woodshed this evening, defeating them 15-6.  Colorado Rockies catcher Chris Iannetta went 2-3 with 4 RBI’s, including a bases clearing double in the 6th inning to put the US team up 6-3.  The first round wraps up on March 11, and the field narrows down to 8 teams.  So far, three teams have advanced–US, Japan, and Korea.  Japan defeated Cuba in the first WBC in 2006, and looks like the team to beat, so far.  However, the US has looked sharp in the first two games.  This should be a GREAT start to the 2009 baseball season.

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