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Best in The West

I got in a fight with my father the other night.  He doesn’t like the fact that his daughter knows more about hockey than he does.  The man used to coach DU and knows more about hockey than anyone else I know (other than myself).  The debate was this: which conference is more competitive, East or West?

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It’s tough to be a Penguin

I have been rolling this post around my head for over a week now.  I kept waiting for the Pens to catch a win that would knock them back on track.  At this point I have decided to just post and call myself out later if need be.

It is a tough time to be a Penguin in Pittsburg.  After a Stanley Cup playoff, appearance in the 2007-2008 season the Pens have been unable to replicated the past season’s successes.  They are currently 4th in their division with 46 points which puts them in 10th place in the East and 1 point away from a playoff spot.

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