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The Eve Ladies and Gentlemen

A Fast Start Could Make Melo's Decision Easy.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, readers of all ages… it is time again for the start of the greatest time of the year. I am talking about the eve of the beginning of the Denver Nuggets season. That’s right folks, I am officially back from my sabbatical that took me away from writing last season.

There have been many changes since then and a whirlwind of drama surrounding the Nuggets. For those of you who think that it is unavoidable that Carmelo Anthony will take his game elsewhere… this post may not be for you. I am going to hold on to any hope, and a few bias theories, that have him wearing a Nuggets uniform beyond this season. Continue reading


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Terrell Owens wears out his welcome…again.

Terrell Owens released by the Dallas Cowboys after 3 seasons in the Lone Star State.

Terrell Owens released by the Dallas Cowboys after 3 seasons in the Lone Star State.

The Dallas Cowboys announced today that they have released Terrell Owens.  This time, it only took him 3 seasons to be insubordinate to coaches, publicly criticize teammates, split apart a locker room, and be dismissed from an NFL team.  T.O. is arguably one of the best 10 WR’s of all time, but he is the most renowned player in sports history when it comes to being a distraction, and internally destroying franchises.

(1996-2003)–In his eight years in San Francisco, he managed to rack up a number of personal foul penalties and fines after celebrating touchdowns.  He also publicly crticized his head coach, Steve Mariucci, after blowing a 19 point lead to the Chicago Bears.  As for his relationship with QB Jeff Garcia?  T.O. told Playboy Magazine that Jeff Garcia was gay, and referred to him as a “rat”.  Ironically, Jeff Garcia was dating Carmella Decesare, the 2004 Playboy Playmate, at the time.

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Mark Schlereth is a sellout…or a very smart man


Mark Schlereth is a sellout!  Or is he?

When the 3 time Super Bowl Champion (2 with the Broncos, 1 with the Redskins) was last wearing pads and protecting our beloved John Elway, he never spoke a word to the media (a doctrine of Denver Broncos offensive linemen in their championship days).  He was a 6’3″ 290lbs blocking machine from Alaska nicknamed “Stink.”

Nowadays, it’s a little bit of a different story.  Roughly 10 years later the guy is about 70lbs lighter, well groomed and everywhere to be seen!

I’ve put together a little bit of an anecdote for everyone.  Keep in mind, parts of this story are true, parts are fictitious.

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