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What I’m Looking Forward to This Month – January 2011

January is here. The holiday are done, children are returning to school, five day work weeks are once again the norm and we can all go back to dodging our extended families. All that being noted here is what I am looking forward to in sports this month:

The BCS National Championship Game
On January 10th the Auburn Tigers and the Oregon Ducks will play for the BCS National Championship. I will admit the 600ish bowl games that take place between the end of the college football season and now mostly suck and a lot of people have moved on to other interests. However, this game should offer some good football and at least be a fun game to watch. (Plus Buffalo Wild Wings has great wing deals for bowl games.)

NFL playoffs
The Denver Broncos will not be among the post season teams this year which is unfortunate. None the less, post season anything is exciting. When teams are playing in do or die situations you are always going to get some good games.

NHL All Star Events
Last year in place of the All Star Events we got the Olympics and we learned All Star Events can’t top games that place national pride on the line. But the Olympics only come around every four years and we need something the other three years. I think most people will agree the All Star game itself is a snooze fest. I do however enjoy the skill challenges. Also, the decision to strap mics on some of the players was great.

There you have it. What I’m looking forward to this month.



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Brandon Marshall is an idiot

After the Broncos lost their playoff bid this weekend the news, that Brandon Marshall’s hand had been, “numb all season” became known.


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Look forward to 2009

With the Denver Broncos missing the playoffs due to the unfortunate loss to the San Diego Charges the Denver newspapers (plural for now) have been really jumping on the smearing opportunities.  The Denver Post even ran a special “Broncos suck” section in today’s paper.  If you have read our prior posts you will note we have a more positive view of the team’s future.

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Dan Hawkins expects a 10 win season in 2009

Gutsy.  Overly confident.  Asinine.  Right on!

All appropriate words used to describe CU football head coach Dan Hawkins’ comment last week, “10 wins and no excuses,” in reference to the upcoming 2009 season.  Those throughout the country may have found this comical, following a 5-7 season, thought by many to be a disappointment.  But those close to the organization know that the Buffs are close to getting over that hump to becoming one of the top caliber teams in college football.

This season reminded me a lot of the 2000-2001 season, when the Buffs went 3-8.  That year, the Buffs burned a redshirt on a true freshman quarterback (Craig Ochs) halfway through the season to give the team a spark; lost to Nebraska after a game winning field goal in the closing seconds; battled injuries throughout the season–including injuries to highly recruited freshmen tailbacks Marcus Houston and Bobby Purify, and LB Jashon Sykes; graduated only 8 seniors; played a brutal schedule: USC, Washington, and K-State (all top 10 teams) in successive weeks; and sat at home for the holidays after missing a bowl game.

How did, then head coach, Gary Barnett respond?  By guaranteeing a Big 12 Championship.

Gutsy.  Overly confident.  Asinine.  Those were the reactions that Barnett received for his comments.

How did the ensuing season turn out?  The Buffs went 10-3, won the Big 12, and finished a few tenths of a point in the BCS rankings short of playing Miami in the National Championship game.

Now lets take a look at the 2008-2009 CU football season:  Hawkins, burns a redshirt on QB Tyler Hansen to spark the team to victory over Kansas State; the Buffs lose to Nebraska because of a last minute field goal; battle injuries throughout the year (10 season ending), including injuries to highly recruited freshmen Darrell Scott and Rodney Stewart; graduate only 15 seniors; played a brutal schedule: West Virginia, Florida State, Texas, and Kansas in successive weeks; and also celebrate the holiday season on the couch, by missing a bowl game.

How did Hawkins respond?  By raising his expectations for the team–10 wins for 2009.

The similarities are almost scary.

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Congratulations to the CSU Rams

Congratulations to the CSU Rams on their New Mexico Bowl win over Fresno State.  I am always happy to see a Colorado team bring a bowl win home especially when they beat a team from California.  You can find a thank you fans letter here.

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Racism scandal in college football?

Charles Barkley has been all over the news this week, as he sounded off regarding Auburn’s decision to hire Gene Chizik as their head football coach.  I know Charles has an opinion on EVERYTHING, but this is one of those rare times where Sir Charles may have a legitimate argument.

Charles was quoted as saying, “I look at things from a common sense standpoint, how do you interview Turner Gill and pick Gene Chizik over Turner Gill?  First of all you can’t compare these two, their records. That’s not even close to being fair.  I believe race had a factor. Of course I do.”

In case you can’t tell, Chizik is white and  Gill is black.

This is an extremely controversial topic, and so I am going to try and play devil’s advocate.

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Shanahan & Super Bowl

Commenting further on Derek’s post regarding Mike Shanahan and whether or not he can bring another Super Bowl to Denver in the future:

I know there are still 2 games left this season, but I think we can get a good feeling on what this Broncos team is going to look like in the future.  Barring any major injuries, I think they have an extremely solid foundation to build upon.

Offensively, the Broncos are well stocked at just about every position.

QB: Jay Cutler has the talent, tools (i.e. Brandon Marshall, and Eddie Royal) and the playcalling to become one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, if he hasn’t proven so already.  I think he’ll learn to throw the ball away if no one is open, which will cut down on his INT’s.  On a side note: what are Matt Leinart and Vince Young (both drafted before Cutler in the 2006 NFL Draft)?  Last I checked, both are riding the pine for their teams.

WR: Marshall and Royal are going to be one of the best WR tandems in the NFL for years to come.

OL: Ryan Clady, and Ryan Harris have exceeded expectations (to say the least) in their first seasons in the NFL, and Clady, despite being a rookie, may be the best tackle in the league.  Ben Hamilton has a few years left in him, and Chris Kuper is only 25.  The only position in need of some depth would be the center, with Tom Nalen’s career in question (knee injuries), and Casey Weigmann being in his 13th season.

TE: Daniel Graham has at least 5 more years in him, and Tony Sheffler has shown that he can be one of the leagues best if he stays health.

RB: The only offensive position in need of rebuilding is at RB.  Peyton Hillis showed that he can be a 100 yard per game rusher, but will he move back to fullback next year when he gets healthy?  Ryan Torrain has already shown that he is injury prone (broken elbow, and torn ACL) in his rookie season.  I don’t think he will be the RB of the future.  Selvin Young has been battling injuries all year, and hasn’t impressed me at all.  Does anyone else remember that Young said he was going to rush for 2,000 yards this year?  He’s close.  With 268 yards so far, he only needs 866 yards in each of the remaining two games and he will be there.  As for Andre Hall, Michael Pittman, Tatum Bell, and P.J. Pope, I don’t see these guys being the answer for the future.

As for the defense:

To put it honestly, there are two players on this team that are NOT expendable: Champ Bailey and D.J. Williams.  Other than that, it’s time to reload.  Leslie Woodyard and Spencer Larson were a nice surprise, but it hasn’t been enough to change the reputation of this pitiful defense.

The Broncos have 10 draft picks in the 2009 draft, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Shanny used 9 of them on defensive players (safety and d-line are in need of the most help).  I think that he should use a 1st or 2nd round pick on a top tier running back, and complete the offensive side.  With the remainder of the picks, the Broncos need to stock up on the defensive side.

That being said, if Shanahan can turn his horid defense into a middle of the road defense, I have no doubt that as Cutler and the young offense continue to improve,  so will the Broncos as a whole.  Within 1 or 2 years, the Broncos will be a serious contender for the Super Bowl, with Mike Shanahan as the head coach.

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