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Canada stole the Gold… Well, not quite.

-Derek Belohrad

On Monday James Merilatt from Mile High Sports used the daily email newsletter to whine about Team USA’s loss to Canada for the Gold medal in Men’s Hockey.  He asked if his opinion would earn him the label of “ugly American”.

James, you’re good there.

However, his nonsensical whiny opinion should earn him title of “silly American”.

By ignoring any logical thought Merilatt blames the US loss on the fact overtime play is 4 on 4.  He claims 5 on 5 the USA was the best team and because of the unfair overtime rule the gold medal was effectively stolen from the USA.  He even takes the time to do a head-to-head comparison of the two teams.  The problem is his argument falls apart before you can even get to the numbers. Continue reading


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Tyler Bozak signed by Toronto Maple Leafs

A few days ago the Toronto Maple Leafs announced they had signed Tyler Bozak to a two-year entry level contract.  Tyler Bozak has spent the past two years playing here in Denver for the University of Denver Pioneers.  He was an integral player for the team during his freshman year leading the pack with 34 points.  Unfortunately, this year due to an injury, he sat out half of the season and his presence on the ice was missed.

Congratulations to Tyler and the Pioneers Hockey Club.  Good luck north of the border Tyler.


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Tyler Arnason Stopped Caring

Real Denver Sports has provided some thoughts on an article by Aaron Lopez at InDenverTimes.com regarding the possibility of Tyler Arnason parting ways with the Colorado Avalanche.

Neither author is too broken up by the prospect of him departing Denver and I don’t necessarily disagree with them based on his performance this year.  However, I think Arnason is a good hockey player and has plenty of potential to excel.  In years past Arnason has always been on lines with player who simply do not understand the game of hockey.  He was so busy covering for his line mates that were constantly out of position and had no desire to focus on the fundamentals he never had a chance to play.  He would occasionally end up on a different line or have the opportunity to skate with a special line and he would usually produce be it a goal, assist or just great play.  This is going to be frustrating to anyone.  I would submit that after a number seasons dealing with this you just give up and I think that is where Arnason finds himself today.

If a trade is forth coming I hope Arnason finds an opportunity he will be excited about and hopefully will excel.  Further, I hope the Avalanche can pick up a player who will be excited to play for such a venerable organization


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Best in The West

I got in a fight with my father the other night.  He doesn’t like the fact that his daughter knows more about hockey than he does.  The man used to coach DU and knows more about hockey than anyone else I know (other than myself).  The debate was this: which conference is more competitive, East or West?

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Sean Avery: Calling the kettle black

Sean Avery

Sean Avery

It was announced recently that Sean Avery had cleared waivers and is poised to make a return to the NHL.  If you do not recall Avery was suspend and later fired for some disparaging remarks aimed at other players.  At this point, he has completed his treatment and orchestrated an opportunity to return the NHL.

To summarize from the articles:  Dallas does not have an AHL affiliate therefore Avery needed to find another teams’ AHL affiliate that is willing to bring him on board.  Once he is assigned to an AHL team, NHL franchises will be given the opportunity to pick him up.  The new team and Dallas will split the cost 50/50 of his current contact.  He still has a number of hurdles before a NHL can get to him but that is the gist of it.  Fortunately, for Mr. Avery the Hartford Whalers Wolfpack want to give him a second chance.

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Self-fulfilling Prophecies and NHL Round-Up


Anyone check out ESPN’s “10 Burning Questions” online yet? While the questions are great, and they are questions I think any hockey fan has asked herself (or himself) in the few games since the All-Star break, I’ve got burning question number 11: anyone see a trend in these answers? Scott Burnside and E.J. Hradek are quite clearly taking the easy way out and answering these questions with what they’d like to see happen.

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April Showers Bring May Flowers?

All sports fans love a good controversy, right?  Of course, controversies are a-plenty in the NBA, NFL and let’s not even get started on the steroids drama in the MLB.  But occasionally us NHL fans get a taste of the good stuff too.

Some wonderful things have happened in the NHL recently.  Viewing was at an all-time high for the second annual Winter Classic in Chicago, the NHLPA announced today that the CBA is not going to be reopened until 2012, and things seem to be on track for a spectacular showcase this weekend in Montreal.  

I guess things were just going too well for the NHL.  So Brad May thought he would come along and screw it all up for fun-loving hockey fans everywhere.

Arguably the biggest piece of trash no-talent-yet-big-name hockey player out there is, despite all foreseeable odds, returning to the NHL for the Toronto Maple Leafs.  We all know that Toronto is certainly desperate this season; they’ve lost the best player on their team, Mats Sundin, and only a miracle will get them to a wild card spot in the playoffs this season.

So why bring in May?  And why now?  Is Toronto this desperate for publicity?  It’s certainly not May’s skill that will be helping the Leafs on the ice; to date he has 127 goals in 970 games played (to put that in perspective, Keith Tkachuk to date has scored 515 goals in 1,099 games), but has more than 2,130 penalty minutes.  Not something to be proud of, as far as I’m concerned.  

And what is even more disturbing to me is that this was a feature on the NHL’s homepage today (for the unfortunate coverage, visit http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=405778).  It’s not like we haven’t had enough bad publicity lately, what with Sean Avery being, well, Sean Avery and all.  Why would anyone in their right mind be bragging about the fact that a player who once put a price on another player’s head and has one of the league’s longest suspensions is back on the ice?  

Of course, this is where the controversy comes in.  Perhaps the face-slash that May brought upon the nose of Steve Heinze back in 2000 was just an unfortunate high-sticking accident.  Some may say that May has just gotten a bad rap; after all, that whole locker-room-bounty-talk was just talk, perhaps.  And you could even suggest that May’s 2007 hit on Kim Johnsson was just a hockey fight that got a bit too, uh, passionate.  Right?  Wrong.

May has a horrible rap sheet and brings absolutely not value to any NHL team.  The Avalanche made what could be considered the biggest faux-pas in franchise history by signing May back in 2005 after he helped end Steve Moore’s career, and the fans have yet to let May or Francois Giguere forget it.  Every time May touched the puck in the Pepsi Center, even in his burgundy and navy sweater, he was booed heavily.

If the Powers That Be in Toronto think that May could be another Tie Domi, they’ve got another thing coming.  He’s not fun to watch, he’s not even good enough to earn the label of “enforcer” but is rather just a goon, and he certainly won’t be as loyal to Toronto as Domi was.  

Toronto, we know you’re desperate… but as an Original Six team, we expect more of you.  Even as fans of the Avs.

Now Claude Lemieux returning?  I’ll sing a different tune there.  But again, that’s another day and another blog entry.

See you next time hockey fans!  Enjoy the All-Star festivities this weekend, even though we all know Crosby won’t be there now.  And by all means don’t tell me what happens… I’m DVRing the game and will watch it next week when I am back in the States.  I’ll return then with my take on the game.  My prediction?  East will win by two.

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