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The 2011 Frozen Four

-Derek Belohrad

March Madness has ended, the Final Four is over, everyone’s brackets have been destroyed and College basketball fans at-large have returned to being productive members of the work force (OK, most people aren’t that obsessive). There is however a handful of college sports fans that are still waiting for their final four. The NCAA D1 Men’s ice hockey championship, more commonly referred to as the Final Four, begins the final rounds tonight. Minnesota Duluth will face Notre Dame at 3:00 pm Mountain and Michigan will face North Dakota at 6:30 pm. The winners of those two games will play for the National Championship on Saturday night at 5:00 pm Mountain. Continue reading


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Week in Review: Buffs, DU Hockey, Rick Reilly, WBC and more…

I received positive feedback from last week’s Week in Review, so here’s the second installment:

…15 days away from the start of spring football practices for the Colorado Buffaloes (March 31).  I will try and give a daily update once those practices start.

…Colorado was originally scheduled to play against Miami, OH on Sept. 12, 2009.  However it is starting to look like this game may not take place.  According to ESPN, CU will play Toledo on Sept. 11 (Friday), instead.

Tim Griffin of ESPN had a nice little interview with Buffs RB Rodney Stewart a few weeks ago.  Check it out.

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