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The 2011 Frozen Four

-Derek Belohrad

March Madness has ended, the Final Four is over, everyone’s brackets have been destroyed and College basketball fans at-large have returned to being productive members of the work force (OK, most people aren’t that obsessive). There is however a handful of college sports fans that are still waiting for their final four. The NCAA D1 Men’s ice hockey championship, more commonly referred to as the Final Four, begins the final rounds tonight. Minnesota Duluth will face Notre Dame at 3:00 pm Mountain and Michigan will face North Dakota at 6:30 pm. The winners of those two games will play for the National Championship on Saturday night at 5:00 pm Mountain. Continue reading


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Broncos and Avalanche living in the past

-Drew Suppes

Ten years ago, the Denver Broncos and Colorado Avalanche were each at the pinnacle of their respective organizations.  The Broncos were the team to beat in the NFL after winning back to back Super Bowl Championships.  The Colorado Avalanche set an NHL record with nine consecutive division titles, in route to winning two Stanley Cups.

Ten years later, fans, journalists, and members of each organization are suffering from the worst condition in sports: they are all living in the past. Continue reading


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Eastern Conference Playoff Preview

(AP Photo/Michael Conroy)

(AP Photo/Michael Conroy)

-Jeremy Kloberdanz

The NBA Playoffs are here and it is time to break down the match-ups and predict the winners. In the Eastern conference, the top three teams are clear-cut favorites but the lower seeds always seem to find a way to make things interesting.

The #1 Cleveland vs. #8 Detroit matchup seems to be easy enough to call right now. Cleveland has the best record in the league, the best home record, and the best player in LeBron James. He seems to be unstoppable and is turning himself into a great big game player. The Cavs also have a deeper bench than in years before and are playing together better than almost any team in the league. If Mo Williams comes to play and shows why he was an all-star, look for this series to be over very quickly. The Pistons still have the nucleus of Rip Hamilton, Tayshaun Prince, and Rasheed Wallace, along with an up and coming point guard in Rodney Stuckey but they traded away their most valuable player in Chauncey Billups. They are well coached and have a lot of post-season experience but just dont have the weapons to stop LeBron and the Cavs. Continue reading


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Nuggets Go Off on NJ, Tears of Joy and Tacos For All

Being that every day I hear about how we are about to enter the next great depression, I am doing my best to find joy in the little things. So a day after the Nuggets threw a revenge fueled beat down on the Nets, I think it is time we cash in our chips ladies and gentleman. And when I say chips, I mean taco shells.

Now, I am from Brighton, CO and I am no stranger to cheap mexican food… or dirty toilets for that matter. But you would be hard pressed to find anywhere where you can get three tacos for a dollar. Today, Taco Bell is there to shoulder your economically influenced hunger pangs. That is because every time the Nuggets score more than 107 points, we get hooked up with Taco Bell Tacos. I say if the Nuggets go off for 168 again, we all get lime green Hummers with the Incredible Hulk airbrushed on the hood just like Anthony Carter.

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With 15 Games Left, Nuggets Need Focus

nuggets1The last fifteen games of the season look to be a hand-slapping contest to see who gets to hold the Northwest division title. The Nuggets have managed to slip a pinky-toe in front of the divison, with a win over Marcus Camby and the Clippers Saturday (They also have Dwayne Wade to thank for mashing 50 again the Jazz in a triple over-time game). Denver share the lead with Portland, Utah is just a half game behind, and Minnesota is just 21 games bahind Utah. However, all joking aside, it is time for Chauncey’s Nuggets to re-focus themselves on winning the Northwest Divison.

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Nuggets Topple From the Top

Its been a bad week for the Denver Nuggets (40-24) who are now third in their division and currently sit at 7th in the Western Conference. The loss that sent them tumbling: 114-106 to the Sacramento Kings, who have won a whopping 14 games this season. The nuggets have been losing a lot of winnable games lately.

Now as disappointed as I have been in the Nugget’s lack of focus the past few weeks, I still have hope. The Nuggets are only a half a game behind Portland and Utah, and are basically a good week of basketball away from recapturing the lead in the Northwest Division.

However, here is my question: what is the problem here? Why is this team losing focus? What is keeping them from becoming the full-fledged, top-tier, NBA elite team that they very well should be? If the Nuggets get knocked out of playoffs in the first round, yet again, I bet we will get some answers.



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The Nuggets Will Represent The West in The Finals!

denvernuggetsoldlogoThats right, I’m going there! I would like to announce my prediction that the Denver Nuggets will represent the West in the finals. I know that some people will find this crazy but that’s because they dont know anything about the NBA.

Currently the Nuggets are sitting 3rd in the Western Conference and are continuing to get better. Other than that hiccup a few nights ago with the Nets, the Nuggets have been dominant against teams that they are supposed to beat. They are twenty and two against teams under .500 and have dug deep several times to muster come from behind victories.  Continue reading


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