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What I’m Looking Forward to This Month – January 2011

January is here. The holiday are done, children are returning to school, five day work weeks are once again the norm and we can all go back to dodging our extended families. All that being noted here is what I am looking forward to in sports this month:

The BCS National Championship Game
On January 10th the Auburn Tigers and the Oregon Ducks will play for the BCS National Championship. I will admit the 600ish bowl games that take place between the end of the college football season and now mostly suck and a lot of people have moved on to other interests. However, this game should offer some good football and at least be a fun game to watch. (Plus Buffalo Wild Wings has great wing deals for bowl games.)

NFL playoffs
The Denver Broncos will not be among the post season teams this year which is unfortunate. None the less, post season anything is exciting. When teams are playing in do or die situations you are always going to get some good games.

NHL All Star Events
Last year in place of the All Star Events we got the Olympics and we learned All Star Events can’t top games that place national pride on the line. But the Olympics only come around every four years and we need something the other three years. I think most people will agree the All Star game itself is a snooze fest. I do however enjoy the skill challenges. Also, the decision to strap mics on some of the players was great.

There you have it. What I’m looking forward to this month.



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Broncos and Avalanche living in the past

-Drew Suppes

Ten years ago, the Denver Broncos and Colorado Avalanche were each at the pinnacle of their respective organizations.  The Broncos were the team to beat in the NFL after winning back to back Super Bowl Championships.  The Colorado Avalanche set an NHL record with nine consecutive division titles, in route to winning two Stanley Cups.

Ten years later, fans, journalists, and members of each organization are suffering from the worst condition in sports: they are all living in the past. Continue reading


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Reasons the NFL Should Not Add More Games

Roger Goodell proposed to NFL owners this week a plan to add either one or two more games to the regular season. While the reasons for this are fairly simple (make more money), this writer believes the regular season should be left alone.

Here are the reasons why:

1. More games will be harder on the athlete’s bodies

It is rare for a player to play an entire season as the regular season stands. The season is very hard on players. More games adds more stress on their bodies.

2. Players deserve more money. Owners don’t like to give more money

Since the players are playing more games, they deserve more money. Which is fine, but will the owners shell out a fair share? This will further complicate the collective bargaining agreement negotiations. If an agreement on a new CBA is not reached by early next year, we could be headed toward a work-stoppage in 2011. Nobody wants that to happen.

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Broncos Correll Buckhalter mentioned in trial of Philly drug dealer

Unhappy starting quarterback demanding a trade.  Players not attending voluntary workouts.  Contract negotiations.

Starting running back’s name being mentioned as a client in the trial of an alleged drug dealer?

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Letter to Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler

Courtesy of the Associated Press

Dear Jay Cutler,

The Denver Broncos organization has been around since 1960.  They have won their division 10 times.  They have been to the Super Bowl 6 times.  Twice, have they had the privilege of calling themselves World Champions.

Since you have been quarterback of the Denver Broncos, they have won 0 division titles.  They have been to the Super Bowl 0 times.  In fact, the Denver Broncos have yet to reach the playoffs with you as a member of its team.  Continue reading


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Terrell Owens wears out his welcome…again.

Terrell Owens released by the Dallas Cowboys after 3 seasons in the Lone Star State.

Terrell Owens released by the Dallas Cowboys after 3 seasons in the Lone Star State.

The Dallas Cowboys announced today that they have released Terrell Owens.  This time, it only took him 3 seasons to be insubordinate to coaches, publicly criticize teammates, split apart a locker room, and be dismissed from an NFL team.  T.O. is arguably one of the best 10 WR’s of all time, but he is the most renowned player in sports history when it comes to being a distraction, and internally destroying franchises.

(1996-2003)–In his eight years in San Francisco, he managed to rack up a number of personal foul penalties and fines after celebrating touchdowns.  He also publicly crticized his head coach, Steve Mariucci, after blowing a 19 point lead to the Chicago Bears.  As for his relationship with QB Jeff Garcia?  T.O. told Playboy Magazine that Jeff Garcia was gay, and referred to him as a “rat”.  Ironically, Jeff Garcia was dating Carmella Decesare, the 2004 Playboy Playmate, at the time.

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Larry Fitzgerald–Best WR in the NFL?


A couple weeks ago, a friend asked me who’d I’d rather have on my team: Larry Fitzgerald, or Brandon Marshall?  0.3 seconds later, I responded, “without a doubt, Fitzgerald!”  That is no diss on Marshall, it just shows how highly I think of the Arizona Cardinals wide receiver.

I’ve been saying it for the last three years, as I reaped the benefits of having him on my fantasy team: Larry Fitzgerald is the best wide receiver in the NFL.  If you’ve been watching the playoffs, you would agree with me.  Week in and week out, the guy makes the most ridiculous catches I’ve ever seen!

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