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The 2011 Frozen Four

-Derek Belohrad

March Madness has ended, the Final Four is over, everyone’s brackets have been destroyed and College basketball fans at-large have returned to being productive members of the work force (OK, most people aren’t that obsessive). There is however a handful of college sports fans that are still waiting for their final four. The NCAA D1 Men’s ice hockey championship, more commonly referred to as the Final Four, begins the final rounds tonight. Minnesota Duluth will face Notre Dame at 3:00 pm Mountain and Michigan will face North Dakota at 6:30 pm. The winners of those two games will play for the National Championship on Saturday night at 5:00 pm Mountain. Continue reading


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What I’m Looking Forward to This Month – January 2011

January is here. The holiday are done, children are returning to school, five day work weeks are once again the norm and we can all go back to dodging our extended families. All that being noted here is what I am looking forward to in sports this month:

The BCS National Championship Game
On January 10th the Auburn Tigers and the Oregon Ducks will play for the BCS National Championship. I will admit the 600ish bowl games that take place between the end of the college football season and now mostly suck and a lot of people have moved on to other interests. However, this game should offer some good football and at least be a fun game to watch. (Plus Buffalo Wild Wings has great wing deals for bowl games.)

NFL playoffs
The Denver Broncos will not be among the post season teams this year which is unfortunate. None the less, post season anything is exciting. When teams are playing in do or die situations you are always going to get some good games.

NHL All Star Events
Last year in place of the All Star Events we got the Olympics and we learned All Star Events can’t top games that place national pride on the line. But the Olympics only come around every four years and we need something the other three years. I think most people will agree the All Star game itself is a snooze fest. I do however enjoy the skill challenges. Also, the decision to strap mics on some of the players was great.

There you have it. What I’m looking forward to this month.


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Guess What I’m Not Doing?

-by Alaina Scarano-Isbouts

Beer?  Check.  Pizza?  Check.  Altitude?  Check.  Nachos?  Check.  Tissues?  Check (it was Joe Sakic’s

Who the heck is this kid?

Who the heck is this kid?

retirement, after all).  DirecTV?  Check.

Tonight, my family and I sat down to watch what was possibly the biggest night in the Avalanche’s season — opening night with our brand new roster and the retirement of Joe Sakic‘s famous #19.  We had everything together for a fantastic family night in and the Joe Sakic Night party.  We were ready in case Pierre Lacroix made us cry (again) and were ready to play our Avalanche drinking game for the first regular season game of the 09-10 season.  But, after an hour and a half of Joe Sakic festivities, something bad happened.

The Miss Colorado pageant came on.  And didn’t go away.

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Broncos and Avalanche living in the past

-Drew Suppes

Ten years ago, the Denver Broncos and Colorado Avalanche were each at the pinnacle of their respective organizations.  The Broncos were the team to beat in the NFL after winning back to back Super Bowl Championships.  The Colorado Avalanche set an NHL record with nine consecutive division titles, in route to winning two Stanley Cups.

Ten years later, fans, journalists, and members of each organization are suffering from the worst condition in sports: they are all living in the past. Continue reading


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Caps Shut Out Rangers at Home

Editor’s Note:  Alaina will be live blogging the Pens v Philly game on Tuesday.   If you liked this make sure you come back tomorrow and check out her commentary.

-Alaina Scarano-Isbouts

Let’s GO.  Once again, all times are Eastern as that’s where the game is being played.

9:41 – Ok, calling it a night.  There’s more hockey to be had tomorrow though, so I’ll see you all tomorrow night at 5pm Mountain time for the Penguins live blog! Night!

9:37 – What happened, Rangers?  Were you a little too cocky going into game 3 at the Garden?  Or were the Caps just more calm, staying steady and not giving up?  This is going to make for a very interesting game 4.

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Tyler Bozak signed by Toronto Maple Leafs

A few days ago the Toronto Maple Leafs announced they had signed Tyler Bozak to a two-year entry level contract.  Tyler Bozak has spent the past two years playing here in Denver for the University of Denver Pioneers.  He was an integral player for the team during his freshman year leading the pack with 34 points.  Unfortunately, this year due to an injury, he sat out half of the season and his presence on the ice was missed.

Congratulations to Tyler and the Pioneers Hockey Club.  Good luck north of the border Tyler.


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Who’s In, Who’s Out?

Who will be hoisting Lord Stanley's Cup this year?

Who will be hoisting Lord Stanley's Cup this year?

-by Alaina Scarano-Isbouts

With 7 days to go and 7 playoff spots still technically still up for grabs, it’s going to be a great week for hockey fans across the nation (except in Colorado, Long Island and Tampa Bay).  Here’s a guide for who should be in and who could be out a week from now.  First off, check today’s standings here to see who has clinched spots already.  Let’s start with the more exciting conference during playoff time, the East.

Who’s already in: Boston, Washington, NJ and Carolina have all clinched spots.

Philadelphia — Why they’ll make it: Philly has gone through a few rough seasons, but for the most part they are a pretty tough competitor.  They are usually a contender for the cup every year – and always give someone a run for their money.  With only four games left, Philly is a great team to watch; tomorrow night they’ll face the Florida Panthers who are also in the race, after that there will be two games against the Rangers, a possible contender for the first round vs. Philly, and they also have a game against the Islanders.  Not only will Philly make the playoffs, but they could possibly uproot NJ for the Atlantic division title if NJ doesn’t shape up (they are 3-6-1 in their last 10).

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