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Guest Post: Sometimes Inspiration Comes From Unexpected People

Editor Note: Today’s guest post come from Heidi Storz.  She is the mother of two active, athletic sons and enjoys bringing a different perspective to sports.  An avid hockey mom that has learned to enjoy watching most sports, but it is the character building aspects that catch her interest.
Enjoy!  -Derek Belohrad

Sometimes inspiration comes from unexpected people, and this year I waited with baited breath to see the outcome of the four man bobsled. It’s a crazy sport – four giant men sprint like mad, stuff themselves into a bullet shaped sled, and plummet down an icy slide at speeds that aren’t even legal on roadways. For the first time since the 40s the United States actually had a team that could content with the world class sled teams from Germany and Austria, and they were a motley bunch.

Bobsledders need to have agility, quick speed, and nerves of steel. They are built more like linebackers, the extra weight helping to keep the sled stable on the runs, and working with gravity to propel the sled faster down the slope.  Bobsledders looked like the all-star wrestling group of the Olympics, but their timing, coordination and brute strength were refreshing to watch. The US crew of four has some unique background. They are consummate athletes, accomplished academics, and seem to be overall nice guys – the perfect hero for American youth. What mom wouldn’t want their child emulating these guys instead of the spoiled professional athletes populating so many hours of coverage on ESPN?

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Canada stole the Gold… Well, not quite.

-Derek Belohrad

On Monday James Merilatt from Mile High Sports used the daily email newsletter to whine about Team USA’s loss to Canada for the Gold medal in Men’s Hockey.  He asked if his opinion would earn him the label of “ugly American”.

James, you’re good there.

However, his nonsensical whiny opinion should earn him title of “silly American”.

By ignoring any logical thought Merilatt blames the US loss on the fact overtime play is 4 on 4.  He claims 5 on 5 the USA was the best team and because of the unfair overtime rule the gold medal was effectively stolen from the USA.  He even takes the time to do a head-to-head comparison of the two teams.  The problem is his argument falls apart before you can even get to the numbers. Continue reading

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The 2010 Olympic Ice Resurfacing Kerfuffle

-Derek Belohrad

At this point, the 2010 Winter Olympics are nearly halfway over.  Earlier today I watched curling over my lunch break and I caught some hockey tonight but that has been it.  If it were not for my Twitter feed, I would have no idea what has been happening.  So yes, I am an Olympic slug (I also just got Bioshock 2- it is a bit distracting).

I did manage to come across the story about the Canadian made Olympia ice resurfacers breaking down and having to be replaced by American made Zambonis.  I don’t have the direct details on why the Olympia machines sucked but I can share my past experiences with ice resurfacers.

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NHL All Star Weekend

This weekend our French speaking, north of the Border, neighbors in Montreal Canada will host the 2009 NHL All Star Game.  There has been some controversy regarding the voting but, that is left to another post especially because I really don’t care.  I think Bettman et al. are going to run the league into the ground and there will be no game in 2010 (Winter Olympics) so who cares what voting procedural changes they make.  We can’t vote again until the 2011 game and everyone will have forgotten this year’s kerfuddle by then anyway.

On to the sports story.

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2018 Winter Olympics

I got an update from the Denver Business Journal saying Denver had been chosen as the site for the 2009 Sportaccord.  I had no idea what that was.  So if you’re like me here is a link to their about page.  Sportaccord appears to be the annual gathering of national sporting event planners.  After reading the article I remembered an article I saw from 9news.com that discussed the possibility of Denver hosting the 2018 Winter Olympics.  I am guessing this is a good way for Denver to show off the State to potential Olympic planners.  Personally I would welcome the Winter Olympics in Colorado.

The DBJ article had a passage I think our reads needed to see:

“Metro Denver is known as a “sports town” because of its eight professional teams — including the Denver Broncos, Colorado Avalanche and Denver Nuggets — and six sports venues. “[Denver is the only city] in the United States to ever host five All-Star Games in a nine-year time frame,” Richard Scharf, president and CEO of Visit Denver, said in a statement.”

Denver appears to be a great place to be a fan.

Better yet, it is a good place to be a team because of the fans.

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