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Playoff Countdown: Recap of Thursday Night

-by Alaina Scarano-Isbouts

Eleven games last night in the NHL, and most teams have now played 81.  The season is ending for some… but not for all.  Read on to see who isn’t polishing their golf clubs yet.

Nashville 4, Detroit 3 SO: Of course we all know Detroit is in, and Nashville isn’t quitting yet.  The Preds are now tied for 8th place with St. Louis with one game remaining for Tennessee and two left for the Blues.  For things to work out for Jason Arnott and the Preds, they will have to win their last game against the struggling Wild.  The game for those who didn’t catch it was actually pretty fantastic.  J.P. Dumont scored with one minute remaining in the 3rd to force overtime and Arnott finally got the puck past Chris Osgood during the 4th round of the shootout.  I love seeing Detroit lose.

Washington 4, Tampa Bay 2: Jose Theodore was back and just in time to have the honor of playing his 500th NHL game.  Alex Ovechkin was pointless in his third straight game and the rest of the Caps seemed pretty cautions as well as they beat down Tampa Bay – who just can’t seem to catch a break.

Pittsburgh 6, NY Islanders 1: Please don’t make me recap this game. I am starting to hate the Islanders.

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Playoff Countdown: Recap of Tuesday Night

by Alaina Scarano-Isbouts

Last night, with seven playoff spots left still up for grabs, 26 different teams fought pretty damn hard to move in, move up or move closer to a chance for Tavares.  Here is a recap of what went down in the most important games last night.

NY Rangers 3, Montreal 1: Montreal could have locked up a playoff spot with a win at The Garden.  The Rangers didn’t yet clinch a playoff berth, but instead earned two extremely important points over the Canadiens. The win was crucial for the Rangers, who are now two points ahead of Florida and has the lead in wins if there were to be a tie.  Was it just me or did Carey Price play like he was extremely nervous?  The Montreal goalie (who was the topic of my first ever TAS article), after letting in a horrible 2nd goal that shouldn’t have been a goal at all, wasn’t up to his normal par.  Price wasn’t covering the puck when he should have been and seemed to not be paying attention to where the puck was going to be — only looking at where it was that moment.  Not to discredit the Rangers’ effort… after some speculation on exactly how great Chris Drury is Monday on TAS,  it looks like Drury is showing up to the Rangers games after all.  Drury had two goals and six shots on goal, truly living up to the C on his sweater.

Toronto 4, NJ 1:  This game didn’t matter much for Toronto or NJ.  The Devils had already cliched a playoff spot and the Leafs — although not giving up on a playoff run — were an extremely long shot. Martin Brodeur played another horrible game, letting in 4 goals, while the offense for NJ didn’t make much of an effort. Jamie Langenbrunner had the only goal — a power play goal in the 2nd period.  Toronto picked up two ill-timed points to bring them to 79 and keep them out of the playoff run.  The only news here is that NJ did not yet clinch the Atlantic Division title.  NJ could be overtaken for the title if Philly wins their last three and the Devils lose their last two.  It’s all going to depend on Brodeur and if he can play at the level he was playing less than a month ago.

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Best in The West

I got in a fight with my father the other night.  He doesn’t like the fact that his daughter knows more about hockey than he does.  The man used to coach DU and knows more about hockey than anyone else I know (other than myself).  The debate was this: which conference is more competitive, East or West?

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