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The Eve Ladies and Gentlemen

A Fast Start Could Make Melo's Decision Easy.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, readers of all ages… it is time again for the start of the greatest time of the year. I am talking about the eve of the beginning of the Denver Nuggets season. That’s right folks, I am officially back from my sabbatical that took me away from writing last season.

There have been many changes since then and a whirlwind of drama surrounding the Nuggets. For those of you who think that it is unavoidable that Carmelo Anthony will take his game elsewhere… this post may not be for you. I am going to hold on to any hope, and a few bias theories, that have him wearing a Nuggets uniform beyond this season. Continue reading


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Melo on the Right Track for MVP

Carmelo Anthony Dunks On Paul Millsap

Melo's Play Could Turn into the Dunk of The Year

Two games into the season and I am ready to gift wrap the MVP trophy and present it to Carmelo Anthony. Melo has looked nothing less than brilliant.

Opening night, Carmelo had 30 points, 8 boards, and 5 assists. Not to mention the best dunk of his career. Paul Milsap would agree and probably think twice before challenging Melo on the way to the rim again. Also, we saw the raw brilliance of rookie Ty Lawson. Ty’s quickness and knack to find his way into the paint gave the Jazz fits all night. Lawson had 17 points and 6 assists and brought much needed energy off of the bench. Chauncey Billups was solid on his way to 25 points. Billups controlled the game and played tight defense on Ronnie Brewer and Deron Williams. The Nuggets looked good on their way to a 114-105 victory. Continue reading

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Unofficially, My Favorite Day of the Year!


den mag

Denver Magazine Has the Keys to This Seasons Success on Their Cover

Today marks the day that myself, a grown man, wakes up before sunrise and starts getting ready for my favorite day of the year. Like a child on Christmas, peaking around the tree and shaking boxes, I am gearing up for the Nuggets’ season opener against the Utah Jazz.


Now it is no secret that the Jazz fall somewhere between hemorrhoids and Brent Musburger on my “Things That Irritate me” list, so nothing would make my favorite day of the year like a victory tonight. Continue reading

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What Direction Now Nuggets?

len klei

-Jeremy Kloberdanz

News this week coming out of Denver has been perplexing to say the least. The Nuggets let key reserve Linas Kleiza up and leave for Euro Ball, they have been trying to sign Anthony Carter back to the team, and are now actively pursuing the one dimensional services of Wally Szczerbiak.

Linas Kleiza, who was born in Lithuania, has opted to take his game to Europe. He signed a contract with with Greek Olympiakos worth more than $12 million over two years. Kleiza started a bit slow last year but found his stride when it mattered the most. He was a largely sought after player over the past few years and many teams have tried to deal for him. He averaged 9 ppg and 6 rebounds per game last year and was a vital part of the Nuggets advancing to the Western Conference finals. Continue reading


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Birdman to Continue to Protect the Nest


-Jeremy Kloberdanz

Many fans around Denver have been wondering how the Nuggets plan on repeating last seasons success along with building on it. Would there be any marquee deals? Who would we retain and who would we let go? What would we go after in the draft?

The first step was the draft and the Nuggets stole potentially the best PG in the class when they acquired Ty Lawson. He will complement Chauncey Billups very well off the bench and is the future leader of our team. Ty pushes the ball up the court better than most who are already in the league and can learn a lot in the company that he is in. Chad Ford from ESPN agrees that he is a great pickup as he graded each teams draft. Continue reading

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There is a New “LAW” in Denver!

ty-Jeremy Kloberdanz
Just when I thought I wouldn’t be able to put the devastating end to the Nuggets season behind me, when I thought I would cry myself to sleep until the end of October when the NBA starts back up, when I thought I would vomit if I heard anything more about Kobe and the Lakers… A night like tonight rejuvenates my spirits! Continue reading

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If only they stuck around…2009 NCAA Tournament

When UNC senior Danny Green steps onto the court against the LSU Tigers today, he will be playing in his 141st game, tying a North Carolina record set by Brendan Haywood.  Green and fellow senior Tyler Hansbrough have played key roles for the Tarheels this season, earning them a no. 1 seed in this years NCAA Tournament.  Recently, it has been rare to see a talented senior like Hansbrough (who set the all-time ACC scoring record in their first round game against Radford), stick around for four years, passing on an the opportunity for wealth in the NBA draft.

Continue reading

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