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Jay Cutler Wants Out of Denver


Broncos QB Jay Cutler upset over trade rumors.

In an attempt to acquire New England QB Matt Cassel, the Denver Broncos were offering to deal Jay Cutler, according to Bill Williamson from ESPN. However, the deal fell through, and Matt Cassel was traded (along with longtime LB Mike Vrabel) to the Kansas City Chiefs for a second round draft pick, earlier today.  Bill Williamson’s source claims that the Broncos are no longer considering trading Cutler.  However, the Pro Bowl QB is now livid, and is demanding to be traded.

Josh McDaniels may have just made the first HUGE mistake as a head coach in the NFL.  Continue reading


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Best in The West

I got in a fight with my father the other night.  He doesn’t like the fact that his daughter knows more about hockey than he does.  The man used to coach DU and knows more about hockey than anyone else I know (other than myself).  The debate was this: which conference is more competitive, East or West?

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Sean Avery: Calling the kettle black

Sean Avery

Sean Avery

It was announced recently that Sean Avery had cleared waivers and is poised to make a return to the NHL.  If you do not recall Avery was suspend and later fired for some disparaging remarks aimed at other players.  At this point, he has completed his treatment and orchestrated an opportunity to return the NHL.

To summarize from the articles:  Dallas does not have an AHL affiliate therefore Avery needed to find another teams’ AHL affiliate that is willing to bring him on board.  Once he is assigned to an AHL team, NHL franchises will be given the opportunity to pick him up.  The new team and Dallas will split the cost 50/50 of his current contact.  He still has a number of hurdles before a NHL can get to him but that is the gist of it.  Fortunately, for Mr. Avery the Hartford Whalers Wolfpack want to give him a second chance.

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A-Rod makes his move…now let’s move on

arod1A-Rod, A-Roid, A-Fraud, Pay-Rod…call him what you want, but the 3 time AL-MVP took a step in the right direction Monday–he admitted he was wrong, apologized, and is ready to move on.

In case you were living under a rock for the last few days, here’s a brief background on the story.  Information was leaked by Sports Illustrated on Saturday that Alex Rodriguez, the Golden Boy of Major League Baseball, and highest paid player in the history of sports, had tested positive for illegal “performance enhancing” drugs in 2003.  Continue reading


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The Nuggets Will Represent The West in The Finals!

denvernuggetsoldlogoThats right, I’m going there! I would like to announce my prediction that the Denver Nuggets will represent the West in the finals. I know that some people will find this crazy but that’s because they dont know anything about the NBA.

Currently the Nuggets are sitting 3rd in the Western Conference and are continuing to get better. Other than that hiccup a few nights ago with the Nets, the Nuggets have been dominant against teams that they are supposed to beat. They are twenty and two against teams under .500 and have dug deep several times to muster come from behind victories.  Continue reading


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North Carolina gets some more props

Recently ThinAirSports’ author jpkloberdanz made a case for North Carolina being the dominate college basketball state.

In this weekend’s Wall Street Journal Darren Everson makes a similar case.  I am not a big college basketball fan myself and I do not like JK’s disparaging remarks about New York but between the two articles, it is hard to build a case otherwise.

Here’s to North Carolina fostering great college ball.  Enjoy the game.


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