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If only they stuck around…2009 NCAA Tournament

When UNC senior Danny Green steps onto the court against the LSU Tigers today, he will be playing in his 141st game, tying a North Carolina record set by Brendan Haywood.  Green and fellow senior Tyler Hansbrough have played key roles for the Tarheels this season, earning them a no. 1 seed in this years NCAA Tournament.  Recently, it has been rare to see a talented senior like Hansbrough (who set the all-time ACC scoring record in their first round game against Radford), stick around for four years, passing on an the opportunity for wealth in the NBA draft.

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Weekend in review

I am going to try my best to put together a blog every Sunday night/Monday morning to recap the weekend’s events.  Since I’ve given up drinking for lent, and I can actually remember what happened over the weekend, this might be worth while.

…First off, I am LOVING the World Baseball Classic (WBC)!  This is the only time (once every 4 years) that I can root for the likes of Dustin Pedroia, Kevin Youkilis, Derek Jeter, Jimmy Rollins, and Jonathan Broxton!  The US team beat Canada 6-5 on Saturday, and then took Venezuela to the woodshed this evening, defeating them 15-6.  Colorado Rockies catcher Chris Iannetta went 2-3 with 4 RBI’s, including a bases clearing double in the 6th inning to put the US team up 6-3.  The first round wraps up on March 11, and the field narrows down to 8 teams.  So far, three teams have advanced–US, Japan, and Korea.  Japan defeated Cuba in the first WBC in 2006, and looks like the team to beat, so far.  However, the US has looked sharp in the first two games.  This should be a GREAT start to the 2009 baseball season.

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Terrell Owens wears out his welcome…again.

Terrell Owens released by the Dallas Cowboys after 3 seasons in the Lone Star State.

Terrell Owens released by the Dallas Cowboys after 3 seasons in the Lone Star State.

The Dallas Cowboys announced today that they have released Terrell Owens.  This time, it only took him 3 seasons to be insubordinate to coaches, publicly criticize teammates, split apart a locker room, and be dismissed from an NFL team.  T.O. is arguably one of the best 10 WR’s of all time, but he is the most renowned player in sports history when it comes to being a distraction, and internally destroying franchises.

(1996-2003)–In his eight years in San Francisco, he managed to rack up a number of personal foul penalties and fines after celebrating touchdowns.  He also publicly crticized his head coach, Steve Mariucci, after blowing a 19 point lead to the Chicago Bears.  As for his relationship with QB Jeff Garcia?  T.O. told Playboy Magazine that Jeff Garcia was gay, and referred to him as a “rat”.  Ironically, Jeff Garcia was dating Carmella Decesare, the 2004 Playboy Playmate, at the time.

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Dan Hawkins expects a 10 win season in 2009

Gutsy.  Overly confident.  Asinine.  Right on!

All appropriate words used to describe CU football head coach Dan Hawkins’ comment last week, “10 wins and no excuses,” in reference to the upcoming 2009 season.  Those throughout the country may have found this comical, following a 5-7 season, thought by many to be a disappointment.  But those close to the organization know that the Buffs are close to getting over that hump to becoming one of the top caliber teams in college football.

This season reminded me a lot of the 2000-2001 season, when the Buffs went 3-8.  That year, the Buffs burned a redshirt on a true freshman quarterback (Craig Ochs) halfway through the season to give the team a spark; lost to Nebraska after a game winning field goal in the closing seconds; battled injuries throughout the season–including injuries to highly recruited freshmen tailbacks Marcus Houston and Bobby Purify, and LB Jashon Sykes; graduated only 8 seniors; played a brutal schedule: USC, Washington, and K-State (all top 10 teams) in successive weeks; and sat at home for the holidays after missing a bowl game.

How did, then head coach, Gary Barnett respond?  By guaranteeing a Big 12 Championship.

Gutsy.  Overly confident.  Asinine.  Those were the reactions that Barnett received for his comments.

How did the ensuing season turn out?  The Buffs went 10-3, won the Big 12, and finished a few tenths of a point in the BCS rankings short of playing Miami in the National Championship game.

Now lets take a look at the 2008-2009 CU football season:  Hawkins, burns a redshirt on QB Tyler Hansen to spark the team to victory over Kansas State; the Buffs lose to Nebraska because of a last minute field goal; battle injuries throughout the year (10 season ending), including injuries to highly recruited freshmen Darrell Scott and Rodney Stewart; graduate only 15 seniors; played a brutal schedule: West Virginia, Florida State, Texas, and Kansas in successive weeks; and also celebrate the holiday season on the couch, by missing a bowl game.

How did Hawkins respond?  By raising his expectations for the team–10 wins for 2009.

The similarities are almost scary.

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